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JM Cellars
Donations Information

When we launched JM Cellars in 1998, one of the unexpected privileges we discovered was that our product (wines) and business (the winery) were highly sought after auction items for non-profit fundraising efforts. Over the years when we have been asked about making a contribution, we always ask ourselves, “Is the person making the request a member of our wine club?” If so, the answer is always yes.

It truly is an honor to support the communities that have supported us throughout the past 20+ years. Thank you for being a member of our wine club and for allowing us to support the worthy causes you are passionate about.

To request a JM Cellars donation for your charitable organization, please click the link below to complete and submit the request form.

Not a JM Cellars Wine Club Member but still wish to request a charitable donation? Please email us at the link below.